JIO-Bonus:1000 Rs 4G Mobile and Free Data Extended

Earlier this year telecom giant RELIANCE had shocked the whole world after their daughter wing  JIO declared free unlimited local and national calls and messages for every JIO sim user forever,thus seeing a humongous surge in the amount of people lining up all over the country for their free JIO sim which also offered a free 4GB 4G data every day up till the 31st of December,2016 . Along with this JIO also introduced a cheap range of 4G mobiles starting from 3999 INR to 18000 INR, for the general mass of the country, who could now afford 4G mobiles due to the cheap price of LYF mobiles at a price lower than branded 3G

And now in a recent press,conference JIO has added yet another bonus for its almost 60 million Indian users now. JIO is ready to launch in 2017’s January;which is going to be known as the cheapest 4G phone in the Indian market. With a price tag of just INR 1000, to even boost up the numbers of 4G service users in INDIA and in an inverse way increasing JIO’s present customer base to an even newer and more invincible height.Not only this JIO has also extended the free 4G data period from December 31,2016 to now 31st March,2017.JIO’s management said they were actually aiming for a staggering 100 million JIO user base before officially launching JIO’s services commercially in the market, and now they are only a little above 60 million users; so they will be extending the free 4G data offer period for more three months, by wich they hope acHeive their goal of a 100 million users and finally launching JIO in the market commercially.



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