THE END OF WhatsApp,2017

Yes, guys though this is very sad but it’s true.In a recent press, conference the company spokesperson was heard saying ,that WhatsApp is going to stop running on a few mobile and tablet models from a few very reputed brands from April 1st,2017.

f54dcc9b67c0ad1108db4ffcc3b242b2The social messaging app which has turned out to be the soul favourite messaging medium of more than 10 million people all over the world,is surely going to break a lot of hearts with this bold decision.

Apple users have to upgrade to IOS 9.3 or higher in order to keep using WhatsApp on
their iPads or iPhones.Where as windows 7 users are not as lucky as WhatsApp is stopping services for windows enabled devices indefinitely.Android 2.1 and 2.2 users will have to upgrade to JellyBean for uninterrupted use all of these are to be done before April 1st,2017 or else it will be THE END  of WhatsApp for you.




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