Cold Play

Have you ever observed that love is just a cold play,between two people. Love a feeling felt by all the people of this world no matter what age you are or from which country,which religion,which  social background you belong to;irrespective of your physical attributes a feeling which touched almost everyone in their life at a certain point of time.


To some it is like a kiss of that loved one on your lips after a long interval, a dream which came alive and to some it’s like a civil war which is far past now but left a scar,a scar so deep that time alone has lost all healing power on it,a scar which decays more and more further into your skin everyday and  a little more  than usual every time you pause the world around you  to think  about that person. It’s eating you up every single second, pushing you to plunge into a pit of pain, simply until your existence  thrives making you feel,remembering you,that were also in love once. Finally torturing you to a dimension where the memory of that person whom you loved the most once, who represented the universe to you is just poison in your blood now,sheer breathtaking poison.

Old House Window White Photography Black Wallpaper HD

I told love is a cold play not because of the simple fact that I never saw love like Walt Disney’s stories teach you about  but because most of us we don’t  really find love and when we think we do.The person we love will break us up into tiny scattered bleeding pieces,rip us into shreds,tear us apart,burn us charred to ash, kinda makes us empty emotionless,lost,lonely and outraged, and still if you manage to hold that person close to your heart,love that person with all the broken pieces that person turned you into, put together and yet stay happy and keep her happy.Now that is LOVE and the COLD PLAY that happened in between while these transition of tragedies were taking place in your life is your LOVE STORY.actually. MY COLD PLAY,MY LOVE STORY 

*Feature image source:WallpaperSafari

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