Lost in sight

It was a cold night,

The silence in it resembling death.

I sat alone,by my room’s wall.

Angry,frustrated and sad.

I looked up to the broken watch.

It was just one.

Teardrops dragged down from my cheeks.

A blurred picture of her in my eyes,

Resembling a beautiful swan.

Her memories seemed to haunt me.

I felt her saying me bye.

The kiss which used to wet my lips.

Suddenly lost now,

Replaced by a bottle of wine.

I cried in my lonely days,

I giggled as she smiled.

Lost are those days now.

They just came for a while.

An angel used to adore me.

And I concealed in her, my life.

The past now haunts me,

Shattering the dreams of making you, my wife.

Fourteen years passed now.

I still strive alone.

The house that should have been green now.

Is broken dead and lone.

Feature image Source:http://pcwallart.com/

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