The Suicide Forest: AOKIGAHARA

Death as life itself is quite the inevitable truth of every soul that has is or will ever walk the face of the earth. But on the north-west base of Mt. Fuji in japan has found another name is the infamous suicide forest of japan known as Aokigahara forest. Normally seen as a beautiful lush green and as innocent and soothing as any other forest the suicide forest or the “Jukai” as referred to it by the local people hides a secret much more sad and gore than any other forest in the world, a secret of death where every year hundreds of bodies of suicide victims are found who ever entered the lush green and soothing forest to their death by committing suicide.The locals call the forest “Jukai” meaning,” sea of trees”, because of the evergreen view of the forest when viewed from half way up mount Fuji.


Image source:Snakku

The suicides in Aokigahara dates back to early times in old Japan when suicides were considered a “Samurai’s Act ” as in “Seppuku” (Harakiri) where a samurai would push a blade in his abdomen as a code of honour and , dying by committing suicide rather at the hand of an enemy.in other cases the reasons can be traced to another old Japanese ritual known as “Ubasute” meaning, abandoning an old woman; where poor families would leave an elder of the family in the forest to die either by dehydration , starvation  or exposure as a form of “Euthanasia“(mercy killing).

Aokigahara no Jukia, la forêt du suicide

Image source:Nicolas Datiche

At the entrance of the forest, sometimes many cars can also be spotted, left abandoned for days,weeks or even for months,indicating towards the entry of a person into the forest with the notion of ending his or her life.There is a region in the forest upto which the general public is allowed to enter , after which there can be found a sign with a few tapes asking anyone not to go any further as anyone can easily loose their way. on entering past these warnings and tapes there can be found a sign written in the Japanese language, saying.


Image source:Tofugu

“Your life is a precious gift from your parents,please think about your parents,siblings and children.Don’t keep it to yourself,talk about your troubles”.Then it says to contact The Suicide Prevention Association.


Image source:YouTube

Most of the suicide taking place there are not committed by the locals as they were warned .from their childhood not to enter the forest because of the forest being haunted by the “Yūrei” or ghosts and spirits . On further entering the forest many tapes of different colours can be found taped to trees and going deep into the forest, left by those who enter the forest with an intention to change their decision and find their way back out of the forest.


Image source:The Japan Times

Many leftover items such as ladies mirrors, water bottles, umbrellas,tents,shoes, suicide notes etc.. can be found abandoned by the victims. And eventually, one might even spot flowers and chocolates left by the family or friends of the deceased at the spot of their death.Overall, making “Aokigahara” , the suicide forest the eeriest and most chilling and sad forest in the world.One might think that suicide ending one’s life is a perfect way to end all the miseries and pain of this human life,but then again is it so ?After all, you never die alone , Do you ?

There is no trace of heroism in suicide and everyone should cherish life and love their loved ones as much as possible.

*Feature Image Source:Wallpapercave

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