Go GEAR, Go WILD:Part-1

Are you tired of your life, are you tired of your old TV set, which is outdated and boring and uncool, and you want to have something in your life that can make you feel alive and entertain you on a whole another level, then you have come to the right place.

Gear which is the most trending topic in entertainment gadget in current days can make your dream come true. It connects the virtual and reality life in 3d format 360 degrees of everything, making the character alive on the screen. You can use it with android phones and turn it into a virtual reality headset where you can watch movies, play games like temple run or you can skydive without risking your life or be on the soccer field with your favourite stars, roam around the world without spending a single penny. This is a whole new level of entertainment and thrilling gadget that can take you inside the screen. It’s an awesome device to waste time, lol.


This device is like 100 3d TV’s adding up together popping up the character in front of your eyes, that’s what you get virtual reality headset “The Gear”.

Android phones which are compatible with the gear must have the minimum of 5.5 inches screen and a maximum of 6.5 inches by 3.5 inches with good quality of sound, screen and memory. And the most important thing is your android must have “Gyro”. Without this, you can’t experience the 3D effect of the virtual world.


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