Chainsmokers are an American DJ duo, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, who in recent years have blown away the world with their songs again and yet again since their rise to fame in 2014 with their song #Selfie hitting number 16 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100.


And maintained the groove all over the world high hitting number 3 on the Australian and number 11 on the U.K’s  top chartbusters.Their Roses and  Don’t let me down followed the trend, reaching in the top 10 of the U.S Billboard Hot 100.When their song Roses became their first song to be in the top 10 and Don’t let me down became their first song to be in the top 5 in the chartbusters.


Then in 2016 came my personal favorite and one of the most viewed videos of 2016 on YouTube with over 1 billion views as of now, Closer featuring vocals from Halsey, and becoming their first song to be in the number 1 spot on the U.S Billboard Hot 100.They have released two albums up til now, Bouquet in 2015 and Collage in 2016.Recently they have launched their new single Paris on January 13, 2017 which has since been on the top trending lists on both Facebook and YouTube, with over 7 million views as of now.In an exclusive interview, he Chainsmokers DJ duo was heard stating their wish of releasing a few more songs through out the year keeping their fans entertained and engaged.So, stay tuned with The Evitaerc Blog and chek out their new song Paris.


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