“Urvashi Urvashi” song of A R Rahman is a big hit on youtube and facebook

Mr A.R Rahman a famous singer, Indian composer oscar award winner of India is set to go on fire with his new song “Urvashi Urvashi take it easy policy” featuring Suresh Peters and Ranjit Barot(composer) is a recreation of 1994  film Kadhalan, which was a great hit on that time griping many awards including 4 national film fare awards.The music shows artist performing with the acoustic instrument and targeted mainly on vocals and chorus giving it a fine creative touch making it unique of its own kind.

This is what Mr Rahman had twitted about a month ago:

“A.R. Rahman

Dear friends, I’m trying to rearrange ‘Take it Easy Urvasi’ for a performance and wish to update the Charanams.

Feel free to contribute. Of course please do leave out and avoid any reference to Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump or the currency situation for now and try to come up with something interesting & humorous in the same scaling of the original Tamil version.”

ar rahman.png

The song “Urvashi Urvashi take it easy policy” was sung in MTV’s 7th unplugged season on Wednesday which has gone viral.It was written and composed by Vairamuthu along with starring Prabhudeva and Nagma as the lead roles in the film “Kadhalan“.The old song ‘Urvasi’ is a mythical name describing an  women, how she steals heart with her enchanted looks, beauty and charms but the trending song “Urvashi Urvashi” is  basically about present scenario of demonisation in India, about puns in Tamil, Hillary Clinton, Donald triumph which has been already more than a million hits on youtube more than million on facebook and counting.

So guys what you think of improvising this new song to another level do let me know and comment below.


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