Indian YOUTUBE kissing prankster got arrested.

Indian kissing prankster Crazy Sumit,20years and YouTuber got arrested by Delhi police on 13 January in a case of female molestation under Section 67 of the IT Act, which pertains to transmitting obscene material in an electronic form.The video on its launching day had gone viral have more than 1 lakh views and counting.According to the source, the officer said that during a raid done at the house of the accused person they had recovered two laptops, a video camera, wireless mikes, and a trophy awarded by YouTube to Sumit for garnering one lakh subscribers.

images (1).jpg

However, the women shown in the video are claimed to be an actor according to crazy sumit and his partner Satyajeet kadian,25 years.Though they have earned a lot with this video, Crime branch team from Gurugram approached them on Friday and took them into custody.Now police are investigating the matter seriously but if the women claimed by the young Youtuber are proved to be an actor and the act is pre-planned than they are free to go.

Moral of the story: Kissing prank may be famous or common in other countries but in India, its may lead you to jail.what you think guys? Do comment and share your views.

IMAGE: from source

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