Atif Aslam rescue a girl from molestation.

Renowned singer and artist Atif Aslam who have won millions of heart with his sweet and melodies song gave his fans another lovely reason to love him more.In the middle of one song during a concert in Karachi, Pakistan Atif saw a girl being molested in between the crowd.Incidence falling in the eye of Atif made him stop the concert immediately and went to rescue the girl saying “Tum nai kabhi ladki Nehi Dekhi Hai, Tumhare Ma Behen bhi ho shak ti hain”(Don’t you have ever seen a girl in your life.She may be you mom or sister/cousin) after then he called the security and officials to rescue the girl escorting her to safety and warned that molester that to behave like a human or else he will quit the show immediately.

hqdefault (2).jpg

This has made the crowd crazy and started cheering the name Atif, Atif, Atif supporting him for his action and rescuing the girl.The video of rescuing immediately have gone viral on YouTube and news channels.Social media like Twitter and Facebook is also not behind buzzing with millions of love and respect from his fans.

The incident took place on Saturday night 14/01/2017 after Atif have taken the stage at 1 pm.Though the name of the molester is not revealed but the 33 years old singer taught him a Grand lesson.According to reports, the organisers are still silent about the incident happened in the show which was claimed to be “family only “event.

image:google search

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