5 Nintendo games that will release in 2017.

A good news for Nintendo fans that they have announced to release some game along with the release of Nintendo Switch on 2017 which will be compatible with it.Last year Nintendo have shaken the world with the release of their legendary game The Pokemon go which was a big hit as they made dreams of catching Pokemon alive.


The name of some games are:

1.The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild which will be coming at a price tag of 59.99$ is an adventure, exploration and storyline game giving a mission for the player to rescue the princess of Zelda and save the kingdom Hyrule from Gannon. The game is designed with exclusive puzzles thrills traps and enemies of different characters and sizes.Along with Nintendo switch, this game is also compatible with amiibo.


2. Arms: This is multiple player games where you can choose a character of choice and fight your opponent of all around the world with extensional arms. It has an option of different characters like Ribbon girl,Master mummy and more each having different powers and special shots.It is also coming with a price tag of 59.99 $.


 To know more about Nintendo Switch click here. 

3.One two switch: This is a different game where you can play face to face with you friend rather than looking on the screen.As Nintendo switch is coming with a bundle of switches you can play by mimicking your friend’s movement like a dance off,copycat movement etc adding fun and connecting the virtuality with the real world coming in the category of a party in Nintendo Switch games.


4.Mario Cart 8 deluxe: This is a cart racing multiplayer game where you can play in different racing tracks and course.The maximum number of people than can play with wireless are 12.Two new vehicles are added in the new version which is inspired by Splatoon.You can play with the handheld mode anytime and anywhere.


5.Splatoon 2: Last year Splatoon has made the kids crazy but this does not mean to put their weapons in the garage.This year Splatoon is back with new exciting features like adding new special attacks as for the character Ink Roller now lets you jump in the air and come down with an ink explosion covering a wide area to splat any opposing weapon features like Splat dualies are added which are nothing but a pair of pistols.


source: Nintendo

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