Samsung to explain why galaxy note 7 catches fire,2017

Samsung the largest android mobile manufacturer is now keen to explain the reason for the blast of Galaxy Note 7 on January 23rd.The experts will explain the cause of the greatest product failure in the tech history in a press conference in Seoul.Koh DOng-jin the head of Samsung mobile business will also be attending the conference.He is the one who announced the recall of Samsung Galaxy note 7 according to a press release by Samsung on Friday.


The company will also announce about various safety measure taken by them to prevent further blasts in future.Reports claim that battery is the cause of the fire.


Samsung has to provide a convincing explanation to its consumers before the launching of their new product Galaxy S8 and reassure the safety of the products in order to boost up their company profit target.Earlier the blast reason of the Galaxy note 7 was identified to be manufacturing defect provided by one of its suppliers identified as Samsung SDI.But the new Samsung Galaxy note 7 claimed safe by the company supplied by different suppliers are still catching fire forcing the company to permanently recall the model on October 2017.

source: Samsung

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