Will Planet X or Nibiru destroy Earth 2017

Nibiru or Planet X , have far up rounded up curiosity and mystery all over the world with the news of an unknown mega planet the size of Jupiter to be on a collision course with Earth in a near future. Yes, it is said to collide with Earth in a near future which could be now as close as this year’s October or October 2017. But wait there is no need to stop planning for this year’s christmas just now, as there are more people and scientists who deny the yheory of a Rouge planet colliding with Earth and that too with a lot of viable facts and explanations.Nibiru/Planet-X this concept first originated or was propagated by Nancy Lieder in 1995,she is better known axs the founder of Zeta Talk.And since then there have been many instances where Earth was said to be destined to be destroyed via a collision with a rouge planet.


Another big name that has garnered up quite a lot of eyes and attention recently is a person named David Meade , with his book PlanetX-The 2017 Arrival , which is by far the most detailed and descriptive research that could be found on the global annhilator.To support his theory Meade has put up a lot of explaination and facts such as the 40 live volcanoes that are errupting on Earth at the sametime.And the increase in number of earth quakes are all put together the evidence of a larger and greater catastrophic phenomena which is the closing of Planet X towards Earth.


But on the other hand Planetary Reasearch Scientists at CalTech University and NASA are completely ignoring the existence of  such a huge planet in the solar system and its collision with Earth.According to them if such a planet were to exist and would hit Earth this October then it would already be visible to every one on Earth wih the naked eye , but is still invisible or cannot be seen with so many high powered telescopes in space. With an addition to this NASA or any space reasearch agency all over the world is stil unable to locate the position or existence of Planet X or Nibiru with more then a dozen high power telescopes floating in space. There are telescopes so powerful in space that NASA has found 11 more theoritically life supporting planets similar to Earth in more than 10 different galaxies is completely unaware of even the existence of this humongous and giant global destroyer named Planet X or Nibiru.


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