PewDiePie Mania:50Million+ subscribers.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie is a 27 year old Swedish born YouTuber who currently owns the highest subscribed YouTube channel.PewDiePie who makes videos of him playing video games and DYI comic stints is also according to Time’s magazine one of the Top 100 Influential People in the world .But that is not what this post is going to be on.Today we are going to see why PewDiePie is so successful and how he has garnered up the huge pile of views on his channel with over 14billion+ views and over 1,50,000 years of watch time.So what is the secret of this Swedish comic dude becoming an actual phenomena on the online world today.?


He is a very consistent and hard working individual, yes you heard it right.Now one might wonder what is the hard work in playing video games and uploading them.But when you see the regularity of his uploads and the quality of editing on his videos one will instantly understand how much hard it is to be such a regular uploader and such good quality comic videos.Yes, PewDiePie now has a company dedicated to producing his videos.But this company came into existence long after PewDiePie became for what we know him today.PewDiePie also has a game on him and his dog Edward with quite a huge number of downloads on the google play store.


Recently PewDiePie has crossed 50million subscribers on YouTube and has pulled off a great comic stint of deleting his channel which he had promised earlier in a video , but actually deleted his other channel that he had made to prank his YouTuber friend JackSepticEye, and named the channel JackSepticeye2.


And as of now PewDiePie is still a phenomena even after all these years since 2013 he has stayed on the highest subscribed YouTuber crossing Youtube spotlights and becoming the ultimate combination of hardwork , success and comedy.He also makes videos with his girl friend Marzia of some cute and cool DYI challenges.PewDiePie addresses his fans as the bro army and his official logo is a blue Bro Fist.


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