Google pixel’s cons and pro’s

Whatever you think about Google’s new Pixel phone, the one thing we know without a doubt is that these are the most polarising gadgets in late memory.As per reports after the launch, many people are turning towards Google pixel leaving O.S but there are also some group of people who prefer apple and Samsung better than Google pixel due to some of it’s backdated features as the pixel failed to full fill the expectation of the people in some features.

These gadgets are gunning for that excellent corner of the versatile market where no have the knowledge what a bootloader is and the main brands that matter is Apple or Samsung. Indeed, now there’s Google, as well. Regardless of whether the gadgets prevail with regards to contending with their top of the line matches, there are the masters and the cons of the Pixels as they stand:

google pixel with iPhone-ish style at the back

Cons :-

1.iPhone-ish design.

2.Not water safe (IP53 rating to Apple’s IP67 and Samsung’s IP68 premium level offerings).

3.Costly (begins at $649).

4.The main speaker is just alright (Nexus 6P had stereo).

5.In Geekbench speed tests, the Pixel was around 20% slower than both the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7, as per The New York Times.

6.Enormous button, otherwise known as the vast bezel at the base of the telephone (however who truly minds?)

7.Finger sensor on the back may cause trouble for the users while operating another task.

8.The glass backing provides a high risk for scratches effortlessly, as indicated by AndroidCentral.

9.No wireless charging (however my post concerning why the iPhone does not have the component remains constant here also).

10.No iMessage (clearly, however, The Verge has truly been pestering this reality).

11.The display is dim in bright light, as per CNET, which is irritating when shooting photographs outside.

12.The Lens Blur include, intended to contend with the iPhone 7 Plus’ expected Portrait Mode, is hit and miss.

Though lacking in behind in some of the features pixels does also possess some amazing features as well:

google pixel with accessories


1.Quality form and feel.

2.Fabulous camera (extraordinary in low light, zero shade slack).

3.Video adjustment.

4.Boundless distributed storage for photographs and video (even 4K).

5.A most recent variant of Android, elite programming, and opportune redesigns specifically from Google.

6.Google Assistant is a top of the line advanced right hand, superior to anything Siri, however, includes from Google Home aren’t actuated yet.

7.Fantasise VR-good (for when Daydream headset is really accessible).

8. 3.5 mm earphone jack.

9.No camera knock.

10.Quick charging (from totally dead to 25% in 15 minutes).

11.The telephone’s touch reaction is limitlessly made strides.

Guy’s did I missed anything?Do let me know in the comment.



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