which one is better?BHIM or Paytm?

As we definitely realise that BHIM application has been all the rage with 3 million downloads from google play stores and yes that is simply because of some awesome BHIM highlights. Inside few days BHIM application has turned into the most well known and most utilised UPI application in the nation. Not just that it has given major confound to the various UPI applications and versatile wallets applications like Paytm. Along these lines, in this post, we will do BHIM and Paytm correlation with discovering which is the better pay through mobile or payment application.

Who is better BHIM or PayTm?

The following are the upsides and downsides of BHIM application and Paytm which will disclose to us which application is superior to the next one –



Masters: No uncertainty that BHIM has the best interface in contrast with all E-wallets and UPI applications. The interface is so certain and simple that anybody can utilise it without getting befuddled. The shading for the application interface is incredible as well. The in-application card-like moves give an extraordinary look to the application. In the home screen, there are three blue tiles from which the components can be gotten to.

To download BHIM app click here.


welcome to BHIM



Professionals: The fundamental matter of this application is that notwithstanding packaging excessively numerous alternatives the interface of the application still looks truly lovely.

Cons: Paytm’s interface is a bit scattered. In the event that you need to choose an administration then you’ll need to experience numerous choices which make it beautiful time-consuming.

To download Paytm click here.



Paytm wallet



When a question of SECURITY arises?


Pro’s: BHIM utilises three levels of confirmation, viz. between application and telephone, between application and bank and the last amongst telephone and bank which makes it really secure.

Cons: As this is another application along these lines, we can’t expect to add up to security from it.


Pro’s: Paytm is not that too bad when the question of security arises. Every one of the instalments amongst Paytm and banks is made by means of doors that have their own particular security frameworks, it additionally needs PIN to do the payments. Along these lines, we can state that it is essentially secure to utilise.

Presently after that let us look at the best components that both the applications have in their own particular strong point.

Best Features of BHIM App

USSD Support

The greatest advantage of this application is that it underpins the USSD that implies the general population who don’t have a cell phone can likewise do cashless office to do the exchanges. The designer of this application NCPI has adjusted USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) stage. In this way, the clients without a cell phone can dial *99# to get to every one of the components.

All Bank Accounts into One

BHIM application as of now backings connecting of one Bank only.The favoured financial balance can be set up at the season of setting up from the menu. The various bolstered banks records can be changed to by quite recently setting off to the Main menu, selecting Bank Accounts and selecting the default account.


All bank in one


Exchange Limit

One of the colossal favourable circumstances of BHIM application is that as far as possible is Rs. 10,000 for each exchange and greatest Rs. 20,000 in a day.

Best Features of PayTm

Revive telephones and DTH

As payTm is a versatile wallet application, in this way, clients can do portable revive, pay their power, water, gas and broadband bills.

Cashback offers

A standout amongst the most energising components of Paytm application is that it gives its clients a specific measure of cashback and many offers with a portion of the best rebates.


At last, we would state that BHIM application is another application so it is inappropriate to set a decision about the application. Yet, on the impressions till now we can state that it is the most effortless and quickest online cashless instalment application with regards to correlation with different applications. Then again, Paytm is a versatile wallet which was administering the method of online instalment in India till now however with all the astounding elements in Bhim App, we can expect that BHIM can overwhelm applications like Paytm, Mobikwik, and Freecharge sooner rather than later.

Guy’s if you have something in your mind that I missed please do comment in the comment section below.your views are highly welcome.


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