Best animation movies you want to see before you die.

With the popularity of stunts and action in the movies, animation movies are also becoming popular in the present era of entertainment.People are crazy to pay for the tickets to get a single glimpse of the movie.Along with the popularity of animation movie companies are also selling merchandise and creating a dreamland place where people can feel the environment that was in the film and amusement parks like Disney land and Hogwarts world as shown in harry potter.


Animated characters


Animated movies are nothing but paintings of each motion of character that are projected in sequence rapidly with 24 frames per seconds giving the illusion of the character to be alive.

There are millions of sites in the google, yahoo or any other search engine where you can find the best of all times till now animation movies.However here are some of the best movies I can suggest you among the best of best that I have seen till now and yes the ratings of these movies are also mesmerising as well.For more updated news don’t forget to subscribe this website.Some of the best of all-time animation movies are:

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Best animation love stories


This film is about a robot named Wall-e that are left by humans to clean the waste material that is present on earth.As humans have abandoned earth in 2085 to stay on a spaceship because the earth is dying due to pollution and no trees are left.Wall-e was able to survive with the parts of the other units that are left along with Wall-e.Luckily he found one little seedling that he has discovered during his stay on earth.One day an unnamed spaceship sent by human landed on earth and a robot came out named EVE.Her task was also to scan the place and gather information about the present condition of the Earth.Wall-E, when saw her, got infatuated although Eve took him as her prisoner which later they became friends.This movie is about the journey and adventure of Wall-E and Eve and how they took part to save the last hope of life the seedling.


Wall-E and Eve


This movie is about a bird named Blu who can not able to fly and was the last male species of his own kind.Rio movie is filled with action thriller and adventurous journey of Blu and his partner Jewel and their owner Linda and Tulio against the smuggler who use to smuggle exotic birds of Brazil outside the country.Later Linda and Tulio make a bird protection sanctuary to protect the species from extinction where Blu and Jewel raise 3 kids.


Characters of Rio


Blu and Jewel with their kids


Best animation Action movies


Though superheroes save the world from villains public has turned against them due to collateral damages were done by them. Finally, they are forced to hide among common people to live a common life but their for adventure and thrill to fight with the villain that they use to do in their past life comes along the way.


clip of movie Incredibles


This story is about Mr Incredibles(Bob) and Elastigirl(Helen) got married to live a simple civilian life raising their 3 kids who also possess the super powers like their parents.Later A villain named Syndrome tried to kill Bob and the story plot runs to how the family of Incredibles save the city from Syndromes robot Omnidroid.


Incredible family


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How to train your Dragon part-1 &part-2:

The relation between Dragons and Vikings are always been sour as Dragons are thought to be ruthless killer and thief who always steals food from Vikings.But oneday Vikings chief son Hiccup discover one wounded dragon in the jungle during his training to become a dragonslayer.Hiccup use to be a slim thin guy as compare to other children of his age with no strength thus doing poor results in the training creating a headache for his father.After meeting with the wounded dragon which he gave the name Toothless.How to train your dragon part-1 is about the changing relation between dragons and Vikings and their journey to become a dragon rider.


How to train your dragon part-1



How to train your dragon part-2 is about the discovering the Hiccups long lost mother who was from the beginning is trying to save the dragon from Villain Drago.From past 20 years, she had been rescuing dragon from Drago’s hand.Her love for Hiccup is not more than her responsibility to save dragons from Drago.Plots of the story end Drago taking control of all the dragons of the Vikings and how they rescue and saves them together.


How to train your Dragon part-2




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