Drones: The era has just began.

The popularity of drones and craze of people towards it has been astonishing.You have to agree that drones are cool and packed with some powerful features which no one can overlook it.If you have waited so long and saved your money to get one then good news for you that the tech has landed on the market too early. That might have brought a smile on your face.

With the beginning of 2017, many new drones are released that will put a shame on last years copters if compared.Stabilisation and image quality of the newly launched drones are just mesmerising enough to poop up your both eyes. If you are low on budget and still want to get one then do not feel sad because you can still get one of your personal drone with 500$ USD. DJI phantom 3 standard just comes in your budget having a solid model and high-quality image and stable flight ability.It takes a video quality of 2.7k which is exactly the same if you compare it with DJI Phantom advanced. Another drone that may come in your 500$ USD is XIro Xplorer V.But its 1080p image quality is not up to the mark.

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                                                                                                DJI Phantom 3

click the link here to check out the product.

But if your budget is still low like 300$ USD and doesn’t want to spend much that Parrot Bebop will be your choice, unless you accept the limitation of the product as compared with the price in your heart. It doesn’t fly that high nor a fast flyer but still can be fun as you can control it with your smartphones or tablet. If want a sky controller for Parrot Bebop than you have to bag it for 50$USD extra. But if you want more as we all know that it’s a human nature lol, then Bebop 2 is available now with 800$ USD if bought along with sky controller.

                                                                             Parrot Bebop

To check out the parrot Bebop click here.

Why DJI drone is the king?

The DJI models are now dominating the drone market after upgrading its old model Phantom 2 vision + along with its new model phantom 3 adding features like user compatibility, video and image quality, flight stability.Phantom 4 is the best of all and I must say that I already have given a 5-star rating on it. Do not forget to subscribe this site for latest feeds.

                                                                    DJI Phantom 4

To see the footage of phantom 4 click here.

To check out the phantom 4 product click here.

Safety Regulations.

If you have ever thought that what will happen if your drone have flown too high and got a crash? what will happen if during flight session drone went too far out of your control limit? Don’t worry about it.A drone can fly up to 20 minutes even with a single cell charge. It also has a GPS system with the help of which drones can return to its owner at the point of taking off destination. If you lost your drone then one thing you can do is to order a burger and a cup to tea and wait until your drone comes to you.These are some of the sexy and cool features of drones. Even the low-cost drones have this awesome features, so no need to worry anything about it.


Please read the FAA guidelines of your country before you buy a drone for your safety. Flying a drone in no drone flight zone may send you to jail.There are some must read rules and regulation which you have to follow in FAA guidelines. Do not fly your drone in the restricted areas like airports and military station or any other restricted area, for example, you may say Area 51.

                                                                                                    Be careful.

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