Free download sites for movies and serials.

Movies have already become a part and parcel of people’s life and when it comes of free downloading we can’t forget Torrent. But the sad thing is that Torrent got banned and I know you know that.So it may come to your mind that what would be the next option?

Don’t worry guys Torrent was not only the option.There are tonnes of websites on the internet from where you can download your favourite movies and that’s too for free.Below are the name of those websites and don’t forget to subscribe our sites for latest updates.

List of free movie downloading websites.

1.House movie.

House movie is an online free movie downloading websites where you can download your favourite and latest movies for free.Here you can also watch various serials online and even you can download it.Its just a full power pack website for the visitors and you will not get empty-handed when you hover over this website.

                                                                                      House movie

2.Movie flixter

If you want to see your favourite movie in HD then Movie flixter is going to be your favourite destination.This site is not that famous but here you can find all movies in HD resolution for free and you also don’t have to do registration for that.You can also find information about the ratings and search your movie by genre, a name of your favourite actor.

                                                                            Movie Flixter

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3.Yes movies.

This website is basically an online streaming movie website where you can watch movies online.Along with more than 1000 streaming movies here you can see various TV shows, documentaries etc.

                                                                                   Yes movies new movies.

Watch new movies is another best free online websites for new movies.Here you can lead yourself to the latest movies released by giving the year and month.

                                                                           Watch new movies


If Google is a search engine for everything then Alluc is a search engine for movies.You just have to write the name of the movie and click search.Below you will get a download option.And when it comes to user compatibility Alluc may be the coolest of all.


6.Movie hunter.

This website is also an online movie website and free as well.But it does not provide you with the downloading option. You have to stream live if you want to see a movie.

                                                                                      Movie Hunter

7.Watch movies free Tv

This website is again for HD quality movie lovers.You can double your movie experience with epic resolution and double up your thrill.

                                                                watch movie free tv

8.F movies.

For Bollywood, Hollywood, Chinese movie lovers this website is the best of all.The simplest of thing that you have is to put your country location. Here also you will find other options like shows, sessions etc.

                                                          F movies

The above-mentioned website that I have listed are some of the best free movie websites that may not find in any other blog.I hope you like it.For further queries please comment below.


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