Convert your android speaker into PC speaker.

Android has become one of the people’s lovely assets without which they will feel themselves as they are on the lonely island. The power of android seems to be unlimited due to the availability of apps in the play store and its magical features and cool games added more love of the user towards it. The number of android users is getting larger and larger every month and year and so do its eminent user-friendly features.

                                                                         Convert your android into PC speaker.

You might not know but now you can turn your android phone into a speaker if you don’t have any other way to play audio or music on your PC. Whether you want to play online or offline, through youtube or i tunes etc from anywhere else. And you don’t have to go online to shopping websites to buy colourful cable or latest android version to play it. Here am going to show you some steps by which you can turn your android speaker into PC speaker and don’t forget to subscribe our page for latest feeds and stories.

Read MX media player-easy steps to download on your computer.

Steps to convert android into PC speaker.

  • Download sound wire application for you PC and install it.
  • Next step is to download sound wire on your android device. This is a paid app which may cost around 3$ USD but there is also a free version available for you in the google play store.
  • Run both the app together and connect it to wifi network. You can also connect your PC and android through Bluetooth or USB connection. A Proper connection must be established before running the app.
  • Go to the sound wire server in you PC and click the audio source button.
  • Click default media service for windows 7 and 8. For windows XP users click stereo mix button.
  • Linux user must go through Read Me file.
  • Click on the Big coiled wire option for the server to auto locate the android speaker. If there are multiple servers please enter the specific server name to connect both the devices.
  • Congratulation you have successfully converted your android device into PC speaker.

After enjoying your movies or songs don’t forget to turn off the connection as it will kill your battery of your laptop or PC faster. For that, you have to click the disconnect button. If you are unable to connect or convert your Android into PC speaker then write to us. I will guide you to the end for that you have to comment in the comment section below.


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