Some Youtube Facts that will blow up your mind.

We always open up Youtube if we want to hear some song or to see our favourite videos that may be music or funny videos or about any product we buy we usually want to see reviews on that, right? Many of us who don’t know about computer also might have opened Youtube at least once. Youtube on present days are just getting bigger and bigger and you might not believe that many people are earning their livelihood only through Youtube. On 2005 when Youtube was launched by three former PayPal employees in 2005, they also didn’t imagine the power of their creation. It provides the coolest platform with billions of audience and videos that give each and every person the scope to explore their creativity and sense of humour. We just can’t forget that Youtube has created many legends like Pewdiepie, Casey Owen Neistat and much more.


                                                             Casey Neistat


Here I am going to explore some facts about Youtube that will blow up you mind.

  • Youtube has more than a billion active users who usually visits on a daily basis.
  • More than 150 hours are uploaded to Youtube every minute.
  • If you have 10,000 Subscriber you can use the production house of Youtube that is situated in Los Angeles and that’s too for FREE.
  • Susan Diane Wojcicki, who rented the garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were creating Google Later became the CEO of Youtube on 2014.
  • Grumpy cat on 2014 broke the internet and became star earning more money than many Oscar winning actors.

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  • It is the second largest search engine in the world after with millions of traffic hitting on its server daily.
  • In 2006 Google bought Youtube with 1.65 Billion just after 18 months of its launch.
  • Earlier Youtube was created as a dating site but later into video sites. Legend says that The first was Karim’s failure to discover film online of Janet Jackson’s “closet glitch,” and the second when Hurley and Chen were not able to share video film of a supper party because of email connection disturbance.
  • The most dislike videos on Youtube was Justin Beiber’s Music Video “Baby” Which got more than 4 million dislikes second one may be of Pewdiepie”s which got more than 1 million dislikes as he asked for it.
  • On Youtube Headquarter you can take a stairs or Slider go to from one place to another inside the building. Fun place to work right?
  • Gangnam style after released on Youtube broke the all-time records which broke the channel’s views counter. Though it was repaired later on.
                                                                                                                     Gangnam Style.
  • Youtube is available in 75 different languages which cover more than 90% of the population language.
  • The most searched video tutorial is ‘How to kiss’.

Being the second most powerful search engine in the world with Bing, Yahoo and Ask me combined Youtube also holds tremendous power, the power of knowledge and the power to educate the world. Most the viewers watch videos at least for 25 minutes a day as per the reports says. Now you can find almost everything on Youtube as if the whole world is in your hand. Go grab the opportunity and explore and don’t forget to subscribe my sites for more updates facts and queries.


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